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Happiness is in the quiet, ordinary things. A table, a chair, a book with a paper-knife stuck between the pages. And the petal falling from the rose, and the light flickering as we sit silent.
Virginia Woolf, The Waves (via diluvie)

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Inspired: Dresses you’d find in Elsa’s wardrobe. [Haute Couture designs by Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad. Edits by dollyribbon.]

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SPOTLIGHT: Tiny Tattoos by Austin Tott 

This awesome photo series titled ‘Tiny Tattoos’ by Austin Tott, a photographer based in Seattle, Washington, revolves around just that. More after the jump:

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"Okay, should we get some coffee?"


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ted/tracy ± their life together (THE END)

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The fact that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen are best friends in real life makes me so happy


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Happy Birthday, Stephen Sondheim! (March 22, 1930)

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People with higher creativity are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder because they are more likely to feel alone with their ideas.

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AVPM Rewatch!
Darren arrived there - Darren left there

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